Nichelle Swanepoel work with me

Hi, I am Nichelle Swanepoel, nice to meet you! I am the writer and content creator on this blog and I also work with brands as a consultant and designer.

I often attend events, create content or report for brands. 

I’m available for collaboration and advertising. I look forward to publishing exciting stories from the road, reviews of the places I visit, food I eat, things I do, or events I attend.

I will, however, not publish what I do not believe in and if your product or service has room for improvement, I will mention so. To you first.



  • ADVENTURE SPORT: I am not a pro adventure athlete by a long shot, but I can ride a bike, catch a ball, hike, swim, stretch, jump and climb.
  • ADVENTURE: camping, exploring, road tripping.
  • FOOD – real food. I struggle to feel inspired by pretentious food lost on a plate, unless it has a great view from the dinner table or good wine. Or both. Whiskey too. And gin.
  • ART AND MUSIC (in all forms, shapes and sizes)
  • CITIES AND THE GREAT OUTDOOR in equal measure – Boats, bakeries, art galleries, a promenade, rooftop tents, cute rooftop apartments, land rovers, trains, the bush, the ocean, mountain tops, valleys, alleys (I manage a combo of heels and hills just fine).
  • REAL PRODUCTS – I am not an uber girly, girl. I am more about health and comfort than beauty and trends but travel with good skin and haircare, sunscreen and a tad of make up. And a dress or two. And always with sneakers. Give me real product, functional gadgets and practical fashion.
  • Female solo travel (I am happily married, but often adventure all by myself)
  • Independent travel


  • Pretentiousness
  • Too much structure. Give me some serendipity with a pinch of “c’est la vie”.

Sounds like we can work together? Great! Send me a mail.


I also do marketing and graphic design work, to see some of my work, visit


Brands I have worked with. is a collection of my adventures, inspired and fuelled by the need to take a chance, embracing what is around me and the desire to live an adventurous life (even if it simply means trying a cup of Kopi Luwak in the office) It is about testing boundaries and trying new things.

I have been inspired by stories of exploration and adventure since I was very young. I am not planning on giving up on the chase just yet.