Calling all artists: list your work on my online store

ANNOUNCEMENT: Times are tough and not everyone will have the resources to create a platform to use and generate an income over the next few months. I am therefor opening by Digital Niche online store to any individual, creative or artist with work they want to sell. 

Work accepted: photography, paintings, craftwork, jewellery, music. Did I miss any?

I have seen some very creative and fun work out there. 

*  It would work best if it is digital, but we can work around the logistics for physical products.

*  Send me a mail with your photos of your products, work or items.

* You will always keep the copyright. 

Hopefully, this can help someone out there 1. wanting to have some fun with what they created during lockdown, 2. someone not knowing where to start with no resources to build their own website or 3. someone needing an opportunity.

The details will still need to be worked out, I cannot guarantee sales, but the opportunity is there. So for now, this is a YES to helping and being part of change (and we will figure the rest out as we go).



Please send an email if you have work you would like to list. Online shop is on digitalniche.co.za – I will add the new work as soon 🙂 Stay Safe.

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