We created a podcast? and then what?

Creative projects keep me ticking. They excite me. They sometimes make me stay awake at night or make me get out of bed in the morning. They also make me curse my self-inflicted deadlines. They make me question why I even started it and in a mix of emotions make me feel so proud when it is done.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had some or other project on the go, a little side hustle aside from school projects or client work. I once did a set of tiny watercolour paintings. It was a combination of motivational quotes, Spark life lessons in a tumble with Little Prince and Kahlil Gibran wisdoms. It was a set of 52 cards, divided into 4 sets of 12 (like a deck of cards) I even made the box for the cards. I hardly slept for weeks. The project was completed and I was satisfied. I later found a use for some of the cards and framed a few. But that was not the point, the point was to start and complete the initial idea.

There was also the 1m x 2m high light piece in mixed material (wired, plywood, paper mache, and paint), a photo board for a boyfriend, my painted, pasted photobooks from all my travels, a family tree coffee table book I did with my dad, photos printed on cushions, and later years my blog and now our sailing youtube channel.

Whatever the project, I always feel more comfortable if they have a deadline, an end date. It helps structure the tasks and nothing motivates us all like deadline swooshing past (Douglas Adams).

Creative projects push our skills and add to our experience.

The wecreatepodcast was one of those projects. I had a bee in my bonnet. I love listening to podcasts (and radio as a whole) and really wanted to try it out – compiling the story, recording, and editing, doing a website for it and finally getting onto iTunes. But, I felt like I did not want to do it alone. I wanted to collaborate with someone and what better choice than a friend that shares the same passion and was also ready for the challenge? There was a lot to learn – the technical stuff, the interview stuff, the managing work, and fun.

So, here we are at the end of the project. We set out to do 12 episodes over 12 weeks. AND WE DID IT. In some of the episodes, we elude to more seasons, more episodes and more themes and more interviews. We have both felt that we kinda left it hanging. Leaving it said but not delivering on. So here it is. What happened to Season 2? Well, nothing. In a way, although there is potential, the project is completed. Without making excuses, it is just that – what we set out to do, we did. Could there be a season or two to follow this? Perhaps. But it does not feel right and we are happy and content with what we have created. For now, anyway.

A BIG thanks to everyone that listened to all the stories we collected. To each and everyone that shared their story and allowed us to interview you – THANK you! And to Deidre that said YES! to this project – I am forever grateful and could not have asked for a better partner in crime. Thanks for being easy to work with, willing to learn and keeping me accountable.

If you have not listened to WeCreatePodcast, please click through and let us know what you think? Maybe you find some inspiration in the stories we shared. We interview photographers, musicians, creatives, yoga business owners and a family traveling through South Africa. You can have a look at the website and read the stories behind the interviews too or go directly to the episodes on iTunes.

….And if you wonder what we are up to now, google us. Who knows what the next project will be?

How fortunate are we to have the freedom and opportunity to create?

Much love


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