Foraging Workshop at Cape Point

What a fun day with Caitlin Hill, brand ambassador for The Botanist Gin (@thebotanistgin) and wild food forager Roushanna Gray ( @veldandsea)
Between herb gathering and cocktail making 101, our senses were fed with colour and flavour with new found friends all gathered around the table.

Their website says: “On land, at sea, in forests and mountains, there is food all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect.” It was just as they said: an exciting wild alchemy, botanical and floral food filled day.

You know when you do something pretty cool and you kinda want to keep it a secret? You do not want it to become a trend or such a hit that it looses its magics. That’s a little how I feel about my experience at Veld and Sea. But you know what it also pretty cool: if you connect with people with so much passion for what they do, and when they share that passion with so much heart and you can’t help yourself but share their story with the world 🍃🌿☘.

And don’t get me started about the actual space and location. Magical. Did I mention we also left with our own concoction? Wild.

They also run fermentation-, medicinal plant workshops, wild beauty and coastal foraging workshops. I mean, I am sure I need to know ALL of that for boat life. Right?

So the secret is out. “Everyone can keep a secret as long as they can tell one person” So, go tell a friend.

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