We are living on a sailboat: DAY 1


We woke up to the sound of seagulls.

This is our new home. We don’t live on land anymore. We live on a boat. On the water. How surreal.

The sun was juuuustt making its appearance as we put the stove-top Espresso on for a cup of coffee. We have far fewer luxuries and comfort than what we are used to, but feel on top of the world. Our taps have fresh and seawater with an option to pump water with electricity or a small foot pump right below the basin. A little tap dance for water. “Right is right” and you’ll avoid salty seawater coffee.

My phone had messages from friends and family asking questions all along the lines of if we are cold, are we okay, how was the first night. We were. Surprisingly. No heater, no hot water bottles. I answer my moms one first : ) Our phones and electronics charge on the navigation table and we are currently using shore power. The solar panels and other upgrades are happening soon.

Coffee on the deck.

We slept in the aft cabin (the one in the back). It has a bed almost the size of a double, and a drawer cabinet where we have packed some of our clothes in so long. It has its own companionway to the cockpit and windows all around. Our current view is of the False Bay marina and Simonstown mountains a little in the distance. It is also the same view we have from the cockpit, facing the bay.

Getting ready for the day took a little longer than it should. Between unpacked bags and cabinets packed in a hurry, we find our way around and get organized. Our routine is weirdly different and I have no idea where my mind is at. Nevermind my car keys.

We went about the day getting breakfast at the yacht club coffee shop, aptly called Neptune’s Galley. We see a few other liveaboards, bump into our instructor (who is also living on his catamaran in the same marina), get to know our surroundings and crack away at emails and work like any other normal Monday.

The day flashed by. Odd tasks like packing away linen, clothes, and supplies, combined with cleaning up after Fridays sail (a boat gets messy on a sail, especially if things aren’t packed away properly and go flying around) and a good balance of business calls to remind us that this is not a holiday.

We said cheers on our first day as the sun set and the colours change from bright to dusty pinks and orange.

But it is not a normal Monday. It is not a normal day. It is day one of the rest of our lives.

PS. I have been promising a post to answer some of the questions we have repeatedly received. Now that the moving is mostly done, I should have more time to get to it, so please send me your questions and I will add it to the list : )

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    Aug 3, 2017 at 2:34 am

    So glad to hear that you’re both adjusting to this new life so well. I love how you’ve simplified your living to maximize your life. As always, excited to hear more about your adventures.

    • Reply
      Aug 3, 2017 at 5:30 am

      Dear Andrea – It is an upgrade from campaigning, larger than van life and simpler (and more fun) than a suburban home. What more can a girl ask for? Will keep posting news as and when I get a chance. Much love.

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