We are having a home content sale.

We are selling everything – linen, pots, pans, furniture, decor, clothing. SOME ITEMS in the pics below (in no particular order). I will keep updating the pictures during the course of the afternoon. You can revisit the page every hour or so to check what is new.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to reply to requests for smaller items like kitchen, linen, and clothing. You can also join the mailing list to get updates.


2018 UPDATE:

Thanks to everyone that supported our numerous sales. What we realized after the first is exactly how much stuff we had. We were able to have a few braais at our house and still had enough cutlery, chairs and even clothes to make everyone fairly comfortable (maybe not as stylish as before). It was a very interesting journey to find new homes for our things. I had to trust the process and all our cherished things found the best homes and a second chance.

An even bigger thanks to everyone that send pics of how you are using your new “things”. It closes the circle. May it all bring you happiness and joy or at the very least, have great function and purpose in your lives.

I have since removed the pics of all the items from this post. It felt strange to have parts of our lives with price tags online.




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