Sunstream Solar Travel in the Southern Peninsula

Sunstream Solar Charge works. Simply point the charger into direct sunlight and you have a charge. As simple as that. It was great a privilege to work on such a fun, simple shoot with Jacques Marais, Peter Kirk and all the patience extras that stepped in. It will not surprise me if Jacques works on these too. Direct sunlight = Supercharged

These powerful devices are:

Fast-Charging: Charge your mobile device or battery on demand in up to two hours. Charges many devices as fast as a wall plug.

Durable: Drop-tested, shatterproof glass face, heatproof, freeze-proof, UV stable, UL Certified photovoltaic module.

Waterproof: Water problem eliminated. So moisture resistant it even works underwater. IEC 60459 Certified.

Portable: A new ergonomic form factor that is pocketable and hand-held. Feels like a mobile phone in your hand.


I use the SunStream Plus. You can also read more about them on their website.

SunStream PLUS™

SunStream PLUS offers ½ amp power as a mobile electricity solution for smartphones and tablets. Also powers feature phones faster than a wall plug. Excellent for powering other digital devices and battery storage devices such as our PowerStream.

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