NOVEMBER 2019 – MARCH 2020

We are back in Cape Town as we prepare to do an ocean crossing and head for our next hub, Brazil.




We were based in Knysna for a year, living on Pluto in the Knysna Lagoon and working from the Garden Route.

Not in South Africa? Want to know what the time difference is? Check it here

MARCH 2018

For the last 3 weeks of March, I had the privilege of working from the beautiful desert of the UAE, mostly based in Al Ain. There was enough time to explore the dunes, oasis and historic highlights of this interesting area of the world in-between work. It was mostly a family holiday, but my computer and camera were very happy to tag along.

JULY 2017

We are still in lovely Cape Town! Enjoying a simpler life on a sailboat, moored in Simonstown. An idea that always felt like it will stay a dream, has become a reality. We cannot be more excited about our new lives. It is business as normal – working remotely and I always have my laptop and wifi with me. I am finding that inspiration to paint and create has come back in abundance!

MARCH and APRIL 2017

I am based and working from our lovely neighbourhood of Fish Hoek, Cape Town. This is not only where we get deadlines met, but also find inspiration in the opportunities to hike, climb, surf and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are a business based in Cape Town, we can meet in person. Alternatively, send me an email or we can set up a call to discuss ways of working together.

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I am working from New Zealand in February. Business as normal – other than the time difference : )

Digital Niche Nichelle Swanepoel New Zealand

TRAVEL DATES (with no connectivity)
6 – 8 February 2017
24 – 28 February 2017
Back in Cape Town on 28th &
at my desk 29th.

I will available on email and SKYPE and will be working remotely from Nelson, New Zealand. Business as normal, just keep in mind that there is a time difference. Check it out here