Step outside – the Southern Line train to Fishhoek

Original posted in FB in 2020.

You do not need to travel the world to find inspiration.

With the wind back in its glory and me feeling up for a bit of a change and solid walls around me, I decided to head out in the search of good internet and a place to work. The yacht club and local coffee shops are great, but I found this really awesome new workspace in Main Road, Fish hoek earlier this week. 

Quickly checking the train times, I realised I had 20mins to get on the next train! It is a 15min walk to the station from the yacht club and it takes a while to lock the boat and get everything ready. Also, I had no cash on me and no time to stop at the ATM. I grabbed our “pot -of-random-kaggelkakkies”. We all have one of those bakkies. I quickly counted about R40 in R1, R2 and R5 coins. Should be enough.

Small change for a change

R10.50 later. I made it on the train juuuuusst as the doors were closing, but found myself “not in first-class”. Between stickers for “getting lost lover back” and “abortion in 10min” I noticed a familiar face – a guitarist I often see walking the street in Simonstown. He introduced himself shyly. A few moments later, myself and the Metro rail staff huddled around Rockstar. He was jamming and we were listening.

I do not think Rockstar is comfortable with the stage or too much attention. Soon after, he jumped the carriage, onto the platform and got off at a station just before Fish Hoek.

We passed the beautiful coastline I know well and love so much, the beaches and dunes, tidal pools I often swim in, Jaegers Walk, and the Fish Hoek beach where I sometimes joined pensioners in their morning swim. 

I am currently sitting with a well made R20 Cortado, complete with bear art with Jodi as the crema drops because we are chatting away. Jodi too is a new friend. We share a power supply for our laptops and an interest in marketing and photography, chasing dreams and putting out there what you want to receive. It is a beautiful day regardless of the weird weather and upsetting stories in the news all over the world. 

R9.50 left. I really want to keep my hope for our country alive. Even if it is in the small and everyday things. Like sharing a song or a coffee with a new friend.

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