Tips on working from home

Working from home has its challenges. More than ever, all those lucky enough to still have work that can be done remotely, is now experiencing the ups and downs with the freedom and responsibility this working arrangement brings.

This illustration sums up some tips to keep productive and positive. Not only in #lockdown but whenever you are working independently.

1. It is okay to stay in your pjs a little longer in the morning, BUT getting dressed for the day will definitely set the tone for a good and positive day.

2. Allocate an uncluttered space, away from distractions. Have all your “office things” in one place – chargers, hard drives, notebooks. Ideally, have it separate from the rest of the house. 

3. Lists of things to do will help you feel like you have achieved something. It will also help prioritise. I also find it helps to keep focus instead of days just blurring into one.

4. Disconnect. This is a hard one. In my case, I do not have a lot of space options, and can’t simply walk away and close a door. I generally pack my laptop away in a bag and out of sight after hours.

5. I often switch my phone to aiplane mode or minimize or close apps to get more work done. Being on all channels (open inbox, Facebook, WhatsApp and what all else) is reducing your productivity. Do one thing at a time. 

6. Also hard but minimizing distractions will help you – work faster and more accurately. No one says you need to work 12 hours a day. Reducing distractions will help work more focused and faster. I have found that earphones, not even playing anything on it, helps reduce background noises.

7. Stretching, going outside for some sun or just phoning someone between work will rest your eyes and mind. I generally work in 40min timeslots and take 5-10min breaks in-between. Unless I am on a deadline. 

Illustration from hubspot (a great portal for marketing tips and support)

8. Socialize – phone someone, or better yet, write a letter by email or a postcard. Allocate time to really connect – not just through simple scrolling social media, but reaching out to a friend you haven’t spoken to or someone in a similar field to you. Working in isolation can be very lonely, but reach out if you feel you are falling and need a hand. 

9. Obviously drink enough water, eat as healthy as possible and limit your screentime to working hours only if you can. This will keep motivation higher in the morning to continue work.

10. I can add a few more, but the post was motivated by the illustration. I will find a few more and share here. Maybe it can help someone stay on track during these weird times. 

*not my illustrations

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