When you are looking for a class, the class comes to you

“Be where you are, not where you think you should be.”

I taught a yoga class today.

I led a yoga class today.

I led a yoga practice today. 

I have been practicing yoga for many years. On and off. It is an ebb and flow of what I need. Sometimes I need to get to a class and get some guidance. Other periods I prefer and need to practice in solitude. I enjoy yoga sessions when we go camping, on the walk-on in the marina wedged between our and the neighbours boat or on the deck of the boat. I even do a bit of yoga IN the boat. Some very strange adaptations to get the moves to fit in. Not ideal, but I use what I have. 

Over the past few weeks a thought kept popping up. I’ve been considering joining a class again? It felt like the right time. I felt like I need an injection of group yoga again. But I didn’t take action. Then, twice in one week, people mentioned that they have seen me do yoga and we should start a class at the yacht club. “yes, yes, we should”. But last nights’ mention turned into someone making a HUGE announcement in the bar: “There will be yoga tomorrow at the yacht club at 7:30. Nichelle will teach it. He was a bit intoxicated and not everyone was sure what to make of it, but he promised me he will be there. So did a few others. It was as simple as that. I was committed. I said yes. Not as if I had a choice.

And then the mind goes off and think WHO AM I to TEACH YOGA? You see, our minds are trained to look for escapes. It is our default. To stay safe. To avoid being vulnerable. I started counting the years I have been doing yoga. 20 years. TWENTY YEARS! On and off but 20 years. I started in Taiwan when I could not even understand a word they were saying. I have a lifetime of experience to pull from! I need to trust that. And go with it. I will not teach a class. Plus, I really don’t have the qualifications BUT – I can lead it. 

I showed up. And so did they. We were four. Four that said yes to a new experience and we shared it without any prejudice. No judgement. We stretched our muscles and breathing. We did sun salutations with a new days’ beams washing over our faces. It was beautiful. We did a little bow to the end off the class and said NAMASTE, “I bow to the divine in you”.

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