Saying goodbye

I have been struggling to update my blog – it is all a bunch of half finished entries on what it has been like to let go. The ups and downs and the guilt. My goodness – the guilt. We believe we need to cling. Not sure why? Out of respect for our work, effort, time? I do not work too well with goals, I am better with intentions.

My intentions have always been to CHOOSE a happy life.

What that means changes throughout our lives and I think that is healthy too. To change what we want. We are lucky to know that we need far less than we think.

I posted this picture 9 months ago on Instagram.

I was busy packing house and saying goodbye to things. Stuff happened, plans got delayed, ideas moved around. I kept my car longer than I thought I would. This pic felt so right then and still does now. It shows exactly how I felt about my car – it was a pleasure to drive.

I loved the sunroof.

I loved the power.

I loved the look.

But it became a liability.

It no longer suited my life.

It is okay to say goodbye to things you love. It takes a little out of me every time I let go.

This might sound like a truly over emotional post, it is not. I just believe you should show appreciation to things that served you well. So this post is just that. Appreciation for a set of wheels that kicked ass. This afternoon, I handed over my keys at the dealer and waited for my uber. It was a long drive back from Goodwood to Simonstown but I had to laugh a little when ‘walk on water’ came on over the radio – ‘I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water. But only when it freezes’ – Eminem.


We still have the landy, but strictly speaking my only set of wheels now has no wheels.

My intention is to finish the other blogs too.





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