We want to going sailing: What is the plan?


Our plan in a nutshell:

* We will prep the boat to be self sufficient
* Get our qualifications and get more experience (sail locally)
* Keep working
* Choose a route suitable for our timing OR Check timing for our route (this is still very much under debate and discussion)
* Start cruising, work in between, explore, work, sail, explore, repeat.

In a little more detail, this means:

Our boat was used for weekend leisure sailing only and we need to equip her for off shore sailing, in other words: we need to ensure we are well self-reliant, safe and comfortable close or away from land. This means different things for different cruisers/sailors. For us it means: Solar panels and battery bank for electricity (charging laptops, phones, navigation), upgrades on lights (LED), new sails, small changes in the interior, GRP gas bottles, safety equipment upgrade, hot water, here and there improved ventilation (new portholes), refrigeration, a dinghy with outboard motor to get to shore when we are on anchor and a few other items. With any luck, we can make her look pretty from the outside too.

You can really GET INTO revamping and prepping a boat. We are cautions about this.

We are getting our Skippers tickets in-between work and prepping the boat. There are 3 levels – and it is based on theory & practical with exams for both and logged hours. The trick is to get miles. This is obviously weather and time depending too.

Sailing is based on the weather (and very much on the wind). There are seasons to sail and seasons to avoid.

We both really have a pull to the Indian Ocean islands.

We are exploring to sail up along the SA east coast, settle in Mozambique for a while, over to Madagascar, Reunion and then Mauritius. I have clients in Mauritius – which kinda make it ideal. We can make our way back to SA and continue on the “normal trade wind route” after that if we feel like it.

We do not have a specific or set plan to sail around the world. For us it is a lifestyle change and choice. This map shows the most popular routes for those that do plan on circumnavigating. Picture credit: BBC NEWS

There is also the option to go from Cape Town, to St Helena and then over to Brazil, where we can also both continue to work.

Route planning involves a lot of reading – pilot books, guides, online forums, connecting with other cruisers.

Time will tell.

We are open to suggestions, exploring all sorts of ideas and looking at when to go, what to do and it is all very exciting.


Happy to answer more QUESTIONS – send them our way.

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    May 27, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Nichelle & Christo
    Always great to see a local Take the plunge and go enjoy sailing the globe. Some day I hope to be able to follow, busy getting my licenses and learning the ropes as well as looking for a boat.
    I saw mention that you may be going south around America, That has been an idea of mine as well. but it seems to be the route less traveled Curious to know what info you have found regarding that route.
    Were did you get your water membrane from, I like the simple idea with a pressure cleaner it looked like you had
    What are you using for communications at sea.
    If it wasn’t for this damn chinese stuff up I would have pop’d in to say hi. I Am a member of the RCYC
    Have enjoyed watching your videos.
    Keep it up

    • Reply
      May 27, 2020 at 9:10 pm

      Colin, thank you for your message and for reaching out. Such a pity we can’t meet in person. So close, and yet so far away!

      I have sent you a mail with a few notes from my email. You will also hear from Christo regarding some of the technical questions. Thanks again and we will stay in touch.

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