Aloha to Community Art in Kommetjie

The Southern Peninsula is filled to the brim with opportunities to explore, surf, hike, cycle and climb in some of the most scenic areas in Cape Town. No wonder it is the chosen home for so many outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and artist. One suburb in the area seems to have it all: some of the best surf, white beaches, and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. It would be the obvious choice that Kommetjie would be home to a community art gallery for the region.

Say Aloha to a vibrant, South Peninsula Community Art Gallery.
Aloha (pronounced [əˈlo.hə]) in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy and suits the personality that started it all. Here’s a little how the story goes…

Meet Carrie.

When internationally renowned landscape artist Carrie Basson (born Ade, all the way from Hawaii), moved to Cape Town with her South African husband, Paris Basson, she realized that only a handful of aspiring artists will ever have the opportunity to showcase their work to the world. Exhibitions are expensive and take a lot of time and planning. It is also limited to space, a minimum amount of new work to show and how well known you are. Although Carrie can tick all the above boxes and was planning her first solo exhibition, she came across an opportunity she could not pass by;

For the same amount of money to show her work for a limited time in someone else’s space, she converted the old Kommetjie Post Office into a colourful haven where locals can give their creations some gallery time. You will find an eclectic mix of talent, mediums and styles in this tiny space, almost hidden in the old building.

It is vibrant, it is warm, it is inviting.Carrie Basson - South Peninsula Community Art Gallery

Since the middle of the 19th century, Aloha has become the way to greet to say Hello and Goodbye. Very much what Carrie has created. Hello and welcome to all, goodbye to pretense and exclusion.

Paris holding one of Carrie’s work. She writes all the botanical names of the plants in her painting on the back.

One of her pieces in progress.

Carrie Basson - South Peninsula Community Art Gallery

The building has been given new life – natural light beaming through the windows makes it a perfect studio for Carrie too.


The South Peninsula is generally regarded as the area south of Muizenberg on the Indian Ocean and Noordhoek on the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to Cape Point. Until recently quite rural, the population of the area is growing quickly as new coastal developments proliferate and larger plots are subdivided to provide more compact housing. (wikipedia)

THE GALLERY: The South Peninsula Community Art Gallery can be found at The Village Place, number 3 Erica Road, Kommetjie. 

Be sure to pop to the beach to watch some surfers, visit the Old Kom and Lighthouse and take a stroll along the well kept boardwalk.

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