We are selling EVERYTHING to go SAILING. Who knew my move to minimalism would end here?

“Following my previous post about our house, I suppose it is time to share the bigger story and dream: We are selling up. EVERYTHING. I am talking furniture, appliances, my car, the WHOLE NINE YARDS. Why? Well, our next ‘house’ will be a fair bit smaller. We are looking at getting a sailing yacht. There is not a lot that can go onboard other than positive attitudes and high spirits. We have zero experience, so we need to learn from scratch. Work will stay the same. We will be based in CT for a good while. The idea is to use our local marina as a base. How exciting?! Who knew the journey to own less 2 years ago will end here?

As the news slowly broke over the last couple of weeks, we have had numerous questions from friends and family. All fair and understandable. I am prepping a QandA of sorts, so shoot away and I will add it to the list.

The starting point, however, is selling the house.

Happy days. Carpe Diem. There you have it.”

(Facebook post from 21 March 2017)

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