11 Spots in Kalk Bay and Muizenberg for coffee and cake

We live on a beautiful coastal strip and although it is only short drive from Cape Town CBD, you will feel like you are on holiday as you browse quirky shops and enjoy the views of the harbour and surf along the Muizenberg and Kalk Bay strip. There are many more options for food and drink (who has not heard of the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay or Knead Coffee in Muizenberg?), but I thought I would stick to a list of 11 for now. Come hungry.

  1. Olympia Cafe

Probably the most iconic on the “Kalk Bay strip” – this bakery  opens around 6am in the morning and is popular amongst early morning commuters and cyclists. Use the side entrance next to the parking area for your early morning fix. They have freshly baked croissants, bread and other patries, coffee and a small selection of deli goods in the shop. They even have knibbles for your pooch.  The main restaurant opens a little later and stays open all day: breakfast straight through to dinner. It is busy and often crowded, but has a great vibe. They do not take bookings. On busy days, you can simply add your name to the board by the door as you enter. They also have an uber small outside area at the back. Worth a visit.

Located at 134 Windsor Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town     Known for Bakery, Rainy Days, Early Birds, Stunning Views, Iconic Scenes, Secret Spots, Romance, Groups, Breakfast & Brunch, Dog Friendly.

2. Harbour House – Kalk Bay

The view!!! Waves crashing on the windows during high tide. Walk on the pier and watch the fishing boats come in. There is a selection of restaurants by the harbour – from paperbox fish and chips take aways at “Kalkies” to crisp white table cloths at the Harbour House. They are all part of the same group, but VERY different in style and offerings. You can go back more than once and try them all, but for something more upmarket and dressy, Harbour House will be the one. They also have a branch in the V&A Waterfront. Phone ahead and reserve a table to avoid dissapointment if you plan on visiting Harbour House or Live Bait.

Located at Kalk bay Harbour, Cape Town

021 788 4133/5 | 072 446 1645     Known for Restaurant, Rainy Days, Late Nights, Peace & Quiet, Stunning Views, Iconic Scenes, Secret Spots, Live Music, Romance, Groups, Families, Budget Friendly, Touristy

3. The Annex

A terrace with a view, a courtyard and a fireplace inside – take your pick. The restaurant forms part of a complex, including a bookstore, a spa at the back and residential block of apartments. From their website:

“Drawing on the heritage of the 103-year-old buildings, the visual experience of the restaurant is as much a draw card as the food.The restaurant is housed in the Annex (Annexure) of an historic building previously known as the Majestic Hotel. The hotel was designed in 1916 and was complete by the mid-1920s. In the early 21st century it was re-developed into The Majestic Village, a sectional title Residential complex.”

Booking not essential, but advised. They also sometimes host live music with pre paid tickets on offer.

The only place in Kalkbay with a raised view (Soul Cafe, previously “Teresa’s” recently opened a section outside with a side view of the harbour, but they have limited space).

Located at 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay ,Cape Town     Known for Restaurant, Rainy Days, Views, Iconic Scenes, Groups, Families, Touristy, Cakes, Coffee

4. Lekker

Fun and colourful – the menu, the venue, the vibe. They also open early with special deals on coffee. Menus change regularly and you can expect to find something fun to eat or drink – from bobotie pies to milkshakes and burgers. They have a liquor license and stay open for dinners too. Big windows open to the street for a view of the harbour and the ocean, but you will find yourself people watching with it being on the main strip of shops. They have also opened a satelite coffee bar in Simonstown. Lekker man, lekker.

Located at 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay ,Cape Town     Known for Restaurant, Rainy Days, Views, Iconic Scenes, Groups, Families, Budget Friendly, Touristy, Cakes, Coffee

5. Bobs Bagel

We have tried to keep this special spot secret, but the bagels are too good not to mention. The space is small and in the corner of a ceramic shop. Find a cosy spot inside if you can, or take a seat on the outside, fold down benches. Better yet, take your cuppa to the park across the road.

Please note they only take cash  – or you can pay with snapscan.

Located at 6 Rouxville, Kalkbay (behind the KalkBay Theatre)

Facebook page     Known for Bagels, Coffee, something different

6. Satori – Kalk Bay

Step off the street and into a little bit of Italy – intimate and warm with a selection of food beyond pizza and pasta (although I can highly recommend these classics) Alternatives include pork belly, 1/4 chicken in creamy sauce and fish of the day. They offer a small selction of beers and wine and charge corkeage if you bring your own. Great for groups – there is something for everyone!

Note: the waiters ALL work all the tables and share tips. This means good service and an efficient set up. Best to make a booking for dinner. They often run over into the street for seating (okay in Summer, but not too great on colder days).

Located at 76 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Facebook page     Known for Restaurant, Italian, Rainy Days, Secret Spots, Romance, Groups, Families

7. Octopus Garden

It is an interesting spot with a colourful mix of anything under the sun used as decor. They are open in the mornings (just check ahead), but are better known for sunny summer lunches in the garden, and evenings with live music. They have good food and a liquor license. They make killer pizzas. Yum. Ask about the Silent Disco’s – it is on again/off again due to neighbourhood laws, but make sure you do not miss out if they run these legendary events. They take bookings.

Located at The Old Post Office Building (St James train station), Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 

Known for Restaurant, Late Nights, Iconic Scenes, Live Music, Romance, Groups, Budget Friendly

8. Empire Cafe

They have been around a long time and Dave (owner) is often in the restaurant. You won’t miss him – there is a painting on the wall of him too. They stay open some evenings – just check with them for dinner options in advance. Great views of the surf from upstairs. They open early if you need to grab a coffee and croissant.

Located at 11 York Road, Cape Town, WC, 7950

Known for Cafe or Coffee Shop, Rainy Days, Early Birds, Peace & Quiet, Breakfast & Brunch

9. Blonde & Beard

Great vibe – seats upstairs, downstairs or outside on a sunny day. Good selection of basics (burgers, omelettes, toasties and salads), good coffee, craft beer and wifi.

Located at 25 Beach Road, Cape Town, WC, 7950

Known for Cafe or Coffee Shop, Rainy Days, Peace & Quiet, Secret Spots, Breakfast & Brunch


10. Ta-Da! Creperie & Coffee Bar

They are right on the beach, have great space to chill or work. The surf shop downstairs (Gary’s Surf School) is one of the first in the area and does it “old school”. They have good taste in music and offers good coffee and light meals with healthy items like smoothies, juices and dairy/egg free options.

Located at Beach Rd, Cape Town, WC, 7945

Known for Cafe or Coffee Shop, Rainy Days, Peace & Quiet, Budget Friendly, Breakfast & Brunch

11. Tiger’s Milk

This is not a club or a bar, but the most lively joint in the area. They have a great selection of food and drinks, and the decor definitely creates a space for a good night. They take bookings for smaller groups (sit down tables or bar like tables towards the back). Easy going. They are open for breakfasts and lunch too. Often gets VERY busy on weekends.

Located at Sidmouth Rd, Cape Town, WC

Known for Nightlife, Rainy Days, Late Nights, Stunning Views, Groups, Families


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