5 Top resources to help plan your next trip

We can all do with a little help. More so when you are planning a trip or holiday. Here are a few of my (for now) favourite resources that came in handy during my trip this past June to the Big Apple.

  1. CHEAP FLIGHTS Best way to get an idea of flight fares and get notified of travel deals. Compare and sign up for reminders with Skyscanner For my last trip, I ended up buying my ticket through a local travel agent, but the sites specialising in comparing prices was a great way to do research and know when to spot the best deal.

  2. TRAVELS CHECKLIST Packing and planning ToDo list:  OCD or messy head? This will be pure bliss for all types of travellers. It allows you to select various criteria, like travelling alone, or with a baby/toddler; sunny vs rainy climate; short vs long trip…. At the end of the short survey, you get a shortlist of things to remember, check and pack. It also gives you the option to print your list out. Handy.TravelChecklist_dearniche_nichelle

  3. GOOGLE DRIVE Back-up for docs and photos: set up your Google DRIVE and move photos from your phone to A. free up space on your phone memory and B. use it as an alternative to your device’s cloud offering. It is a great place to save travel docs, copies of passports and insurance information. You can store up to 15GB for free and any type of file (movies, photos, docs) It syncs across all your devices. GoogleDrive_DearNiche_DigitalNiche


  4. CheckMyTrip APP Up to date flight info and admin:  A simple way to keep flight tickets and information in one place. Easy to use. It also gives currency and weather updates) I used on for my June 2016 trip to NYC and it worked really well on my ipad.Available on Android and IOS.

  5. WIKI TRAVEL Destination research and information: All the information you need to get planning. Simply type in the destination, city or area and enjoy clutter free information for travellers, but travellers. Simple and clean.

Do you have a favourite app or website you use for travel or holiday planning? Share it in the comments below and I will try it out! 

Happy planning!



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